Its been a long time since I have been here…but I am being pulled back spiritually and physically.

Finding my path again has helped me to align my spiritual with my goals and dreams.

I am back on the writing path and looking forward to dipping back into my reading and writing.

So there will be a daily post, whether its chit-chat about books, reviews, or just my ramblings.

Will soon be adding sections for herbs, oils and other surprises.

It is time to exercise my creative juices and get them flowing again.

Until next time…


Lazy Sunday…FINALLY! Gonna try to dip into writing and finish off a scene with Maya and Sorem. Still can’t decide if Sorem should be the type of character that you will love one moment and hate the next. What do you think? Should he have a spark of light buried beneath all the darkness of his soul? or should he be corrupt all the way to the core?

Getting Reviewed by Book Bloggers–What Was Revealed at Our March 31, 2015, W.I.S.E. Coffee Meeting

Words for the Journey Christian Writers' Guild

In our last meeting on March 31st, we talked about promoting our books through blog reviewers. The post I read to the group and taught from was,”Book Bloggers: Where to Find Them and How to Win Them Over,” by Jenny Bravo (see link at bottom of article).

Some writers don’t realize that there are bloggers out there that do nothing but read books and review them for FREE. But now that so many authors have caught on to this, you have to figure out the right approach to get them to review your book.

But before that, you have to find them.

The two biggest sources are Twitter and Instagram, and the way you find them is through hashtags.

For instance, on Twitter, put #amreading in the search window. The page that comes up will have tweets from readers and blog reviewers. If you click on their name, it’ll take you to their profile page and…

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Promoting to Readers who Actually Read Your Genre

Publicity Tip #89 ~

The promotional opportunities with the website ReadingDeals are extremely affordable and highly targeted to your readership – really.

There are 3 ways ReadingDeals works to help you on your marketing and publicity campaign:

drinksmachine via Flickr Creative Commons drinksmachine via Flickr Creative Commons

1) FREE! You can submit your book for consideration to their DailyDeals email newsletter that sends a list of free and bargain eBooks to genre-specific reader members. A ‘bargain’ means that you book needs to be on sale for 33% off or more. However, there is no guarantee your book will be included in their newsletter with this option. They have limited space for “unpaid author promotions” and are very selective about how a book looks and reads [check out their guidelines HERE].

2) PAY – For only $10 you will have a “guaranteed” spot in one of their DailyDeals newsletters, as long as your book fits…

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For those that aren’t aware of this great horror author

I love it when I find new authors to fall in love with! I do write reviews but it is something that I enjoy because I discover authors that I otherwise would have never noticed! Thank you this review.

Patrick R. McDonough's Space for Thoughts

I am by no means a book reviewer. However, due to this book not being as well known as a Stephen King, Clive Barker, or other mainstream book, I feel it is somewhat of an honor and pleasure of mine to help spread the word of Duncan Ralston’s Gristle and Bone.

This is his debut collection of 7 short stories. Below is my review, which sums up exactly how I feel:

To stumble across a new author is always something fun. But to stumble across a new author and fall in love with their work is quite simply an adventure! That being said, I randomly came across Duncan Ralston and saw the cover for this book – leading me to want to read it. With a price that wasn’t overly priced, it was a no brainer, not an impulsive buy, but a SMART buy. I was very satisfied with…

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